In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye … we shall be changed.

~ 1 Corinthians 15:52, KJV[1]

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Auburn fans have a new query of their Alabama rivals: Hey, got a second? They’re referring, of course, to the 2013 Iron Bowl, where one second remained on the clock when the Crimson Tide attempted a game-winning field goal. The kick fell short, and Chris Davis of Auburn returned the ball 109 yards for a game-winning score.

  • The fortunes of two teams changed in that one moment.

The play’s outcome dashed Alabama’s hopes of a third consecutive national championship. It created bedlam in Auburn because it elevated their chances of achieving their third national championship. Another answered prayer in Jordan-Hare!

  • This rivalry has produced many such legendary moments.

No Tiger fan forgets the 1972 Iron Bowl, known as Punt, Bama, Punt. No Tide rooter neglects Van Tiffin’s last second kick in the 1985 classic. Every fanatic remembers Patrick Nix’s 1993 touchdown heave to preserve Auburn’s perfect season under first year head coach, Terry Bowden. But, the Crimson crusaders point to Roy Upchurch’s score in the last ninety seconds of the ballgame to preserve Alabama’s journey toward their thirteenth national championship in 2009.

  • Alabamians are passionate about their favorite school.

Such loyalties divide the state – even families. That’s what makes the Iron Bowl so intriguing every year. It’s first and foremost in the minds of everyone on game-day … and all year.

  • But the game isn’t lost or won on one play.

There are always many opportunities to win and to lose in every game. A dropped ball here. A missed block there. Broken tackles everywhere. Every coach’s decisions and every player’s actions impact the outcome every year, with this year being no different.

  • This is how it is in life.

The decisions and actions we take every day impact who we are and what we become. Such choices not only affect us, but also influence the outcome of others’ lives. The roads we take have ramifications far beyond football.

  • Any second’s decision has eternal consequences.

There are only two teams in the winner-takes-all battle of life: those who’ve placed their faith in the atoning salvation offered by Christ Jesus and those who have not. The Lord settled the outcome of that conflict two thousand years ago when He rose from the grave victorious over death and hell.

  • His return will occur in less than a second.

And when He comes back, He knows who’s on His team. Those who believe in His redemption will join Him and will be forever changed; those who don’t will be lost – forever chained to their judgment. No last second reprieves will happen then.

None of us should let another second go by without making sure we’re part of the Savior’s Glory Days to come in Heaven. We should recruit, recruit, and recruit others to Christ’s team – and give the greatest effort possible in every situation, with every person.

  • Eternity’s in every moment; everyone’s outcome, in every second.

We just need to live like that’s true, and be as passionate about it as we are about the Iron Bowl.

  • We should live like there’s no second to lose … because there isn’t.

Got a second? Consider this:

Now is our chance to choose the right side. God is holding back to give us that chance. It will not last forever.

~ C. S. Lewis


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