The merit of all things lies in their difficulty.

~ Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers


07-11-09 © James Brey, courtesy of iStockphoto


True followers of Christ believe in an all-powerful God. Among the faithful, there’s nothing He can’t do. But in a moment of crisis, we might sometimes wonder: is there something too difficult for God?

  • What’s the most difficult thing God had to accomplish?

Christians believe that the Lord created the heavens and the earth, the continents and the oceans, the mountains and the plains, the fish and the land animals, the polar bear and the giraffe, the albatross and the salamander. We acknowledge He made mankind in His image – that He’s numbered every hair on our head and the subatomic particles in between our toes.

  • Nothing was too difficult for the Creator.

Not the Milky Way or the rings of Saturn. Not the earth or the sun that warms it. Not the complexities of the human eye. Not the T-Rex or the Dodo. Not El Nino or La Nina. Not the Beluga or the sand dollar. They’re all part of God’s magnificent creation.

  • God didn’t even break a sweat when He spoke them into existence.

Genesis 1 – 2 recounts for us that God willed it, and everything in Nature that we see and that we’ve never seen He created ex nihilo – from nothing. How did He do it? With these words: God said… and there was…

  • David describes God’s effort as mere finger-work.


When I observe Your heavens,

the work of Your fingers,

the moon and the stars,

which You set in place…

~ Psalm 8:3, HCSB (emphasis mine)


For the above phrase, the psalmist employed the Hebrew term, ‘etsba’  – meaning, that God’s creation of everything around us was mere finger-work. Most would consider such activity as monotonous, not laborious. Most would associate such a task as beneath them – but not God. His creation declared His glory, and it was easy for Him.

  • What then was God’s most difficult task?

Isaiah informed us:


The Lord has made bare His holy arm

In the eyes of all the nations;

And all the ends of the earth shall see

The salvation of our God.

~ Isaiah 52:10, NKJV


The Lord bared His arm to provide for our salvation. Isaiah employed the Hebrew term, chasaph, for bare, which means: to exert oneself.

Thus, the prophet painted a word picture that indicated when God chose to redeem mankind, He had to roll up His sleeves for an exhausting task.

  • It was the most difficult thing an all-powerful, holy God could do.

It’s the most difficult thing He will ever do. And He did it so all the world could see the salvation He alone provides.