Proclaiming with Passion

Dr. Young communicates with passion, whether speaking on the medical aspects of the crucifixion or expounding on other subjects such as leadership, integrity, and Bible study. He teaches from the unique blending of science, history, and human experience to bring Scripture to life in ways most don’t consider.

Speaking Endorsements

In an era where few really understand the importance of Scripture and its impact on life, J. Shan Young lives in the Word of God. As such his family life, his medical practice, and his church life give evidence that he is a student of the Word. He challenges every one of us to dig deeper in the pages of sacred Scripture, and ultimately to follow Christ with greater devotion.
—Dr. Derek Staples, Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church – Jacksonville, AL

Dr. Shan Young is one of the brightest physicians I have ever known.  He is also one of the most passionate and knowledgeable Christians. He has given us a very accurate description of how our Christ physically suffered and died on the cross to save us from our sins… I give Dr. Young my highest recommendation.

—Dr. Roland Thornburg, Professor of Sports Pedagogy – Jacksonville State University

If I had to describe Dr. Young’s speaking in one word it would be, WOW! That’s how you feel after listening to him. I have never heard anyone bring their words to life as well as he. Dr. Young has a remarkable ability to bring forth a deeper insight to the subjects on which he is speaking. He’s without question called by God to speak and write the marvelous stories of Christ. Dr. Young is such a phenomenal speaker and teacher I could listen to him all day!
—Jason Borders, Logistics officer

I attended a Leadership conference at Shocco Springs where Dr. Young reviewed The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. I was thoroughly blessed by his use of this artwork as a visual backdrop to bring out truths from Scripture. Shan is truly used by God; his depth of understanding the Bible and his ability to present it is truly a work of the Holy Spirit. Even though he’s a highly regarded physician, his spiritual insight allows him to understand the Word and present it in the simplest meaning. 
—Kenny Burell, Vice President of Physician Relations – Northeast Alabama Surgical Associates

Dr. Young’s teaching on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ touched my heart – hearing from a medical point of view, the pain and suffering our Savior went through. It reminded me to give my all for Him.
—Vicki Kirby, Compassion Outreach Ministries – Oxford, AL

Dr. Young’s provocative speaking makes for a delightful experience.  We can and will learn a lot from this wise and gentle man.
—Bryan and Laurel Taylor, Mission Service Core Missionaries with NAMB

Dr. Young's analysis and medical depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ can be described in two words: SOUL CHANGING. His words allowed me to see, hear, and feel my Savior's agony. I have been forever changed since I gained this knowing of what Jesus' total sacrifice was all about. Thank you, Dr. Young, for allowing me to bring this home. 
—Cynthia Christopher, CRNA - Weaver, AL 

As a fellow researcher I appreciate Dr. Young's research depth, thoroughness and rigor.  As a brother in Christ, I admire Shan's use of his God-given talents of caring for the health of not only our bodies as a talented physician, but also for our minds and souls...

—Brent J. Cunningham, Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration, College of Commerce and Business Administration – Jacksonville State University

Dr. Young, your presentation on the medical aspects of the crucifixion was truly a blessing to our church in Piedmont, Alabama. As a Pastor, I have drawn from your knowledge and wisdom of how Jesus suffered for lost humanity. It has inspired me to present our Loving Savior in a way that I had never realized before.

~Dr. Mark Green, Pastor, Centre, AL

I was spiritually moved by Dr. Young’s oral presentation of a doctor’s view of the suffering of Jesus.
—Ben Kirkland, Retired Comptroller – Darlington, SC

I have heard Dr. Young speak on the Crucifixion and on Jonah. They were both amazing, in depth, and inspiring. On both occasions, I left with new insight of how awesome God really is. Can’t wait to get copies of his books.
—Darrell Nelson, NSC, L.L.C., Alexandria, AL